Ether Energy Devices

Hand Hold Energy

These Devices can be carried around. They can be charged in the sun and the moon light. The smaller ones pictured here can be put in a pouch and carried. Put in the plant pots READ MORE

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Ether Energy Devices


How to make Plasterite Making plasterite is simple, anybody can do it. There are 2 essential ingredients, the Plaster of Paris and Pink salt crystals. You will need a mold, if you are making a READ MORE

Ether Energy Devices


Cemenite was developed by a fellow called Sacahyo in Indionesia, he has a forum thread here. There are 2 ways to make cemenite, both ways have many small coils that are set in concrete. For one READ MORE

Structured Water

Structured Water

H3O2The Earth is 75%(surface area) water and Humans are 75%(by mass) water also. But if you count the molecules that make up a human being then we are about 99% water. But it turns out this READ MORE

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Cone Design

Ice Results

These are some of the results we have found when we place the Cone on the shelf underneath a bowl of water. Click image in slideshow to see full size.

The Ether

Ancient Ether

We don’t know when or how the pyramids were built and we don’t know what they were built for. So lets speculate at the strange images that have been left for us. This is an image READ MORE



 I can’t wait to get my custom made cone. I’ve been borrowing one and my sleep has improved by about 90%. I’ve had terrible itching induced insomnia for the past 3 years so this is READ MORE

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