A Natural Life Force Energy From Plaster

How to make Plasterite

Making plasterite is simple, anybody can do it. There are 2 essential ingredients, the Gypsum plaster and the Pink salt crystals.
You will need a mold, if you are making a sky cleaner then a cone is the best shape, a native British traffic cone is ideal if one is available to borrow for a couple of days. You need to get a bag of gypsum plaster or plaster of paris, and mix  the correct amount for your mold, add pink salt crystals to the mix last of all, just befor you pour stir them in then fill your mold. Leave to dry for a couple of days before you take it out the mold. When removed still leave it somewhere warm because it is very important that the pink crystals are dry. When it is bone dry, seal it with varnish or resin and paint beautifully.

How does it work?


The PINK SALT crystals are PIEZO-ELECTRIC that means they are a transducer that converts PRESSURE to ELECTRICITY and being a transducer we can reverse the input and get the reverse output.


Source: Plasterite – A Natural Life Force Energy From Plaster, Creating an Orgone Canopy – By Jenny Mortell – Bye Bye Blue Sky