Cement and Copper coils

Cemenite was developed by a fellow called Sacahyo in Indionesia, he has a forum thread here.

There are 2 ways to make cemenite, both ways have many small coils that are set in concrete.

For one method the coils are wound clockwise and anti clock for the other.

The coils must be the same length as the diameter of the coil or up to 1.5  the diameter of the coil.

The water surrounding the cemenite blocks has become structured

There is no electrical connection just hundreds of small coils put in a mold and cement poured.


They can be made from cat5 or network cable, using an electric drill helps.

The clockwise method is the only method we use.

It has health benefits and improved sleep

The other method, anti clockwise will apparently improve fuel consumption/performance of petrol engines.

Here is a thread from Sacahyo  (translated)


Fuel saving devices as well as medical devices made from wire and cement cables.

Finally I developed cemenite. The development of cemenite lets me know that geometry and materials are important. Therefore, all aspects of cemenite must be made according to the instructions. The wire must be of copper coated with PVC / plastic, such as a computer network cable or NYA cable (which is for home electrical installation). The direction of the winding should be the rule of the right hand. No cement section unallocated by coil. The final shape should be a cylinder. DST.

Cemenite has effects that help save energy:
– making motorcycles more efficient and powerful
– making gas stoves hotter and more
efficient – affecting the clouds so that sunlight captured by solar panels will be more.

In addition:
– make the weather more friendly
– more birds gathering and chirping
– making plants grow

Making way: Making cemenite from network.pdf cable (345.2 KB)

can also be seen at:

How to irradiate fuel with cemenite is to make a cementite of about 5cm in diameter and 3cm in height, with a coil contents of about 300. Place the cemenite near or below the gas tank, or it may be near the gas hose . For a gas stove, place the cemenite under the pipe close to the fire control knob.

Read more: http://freeenergyindonesia.proboards.com/thread/25/cemenite-untuk-bahan-bakar-kesehatan#ixzz4ifkPj7PX