Ancient Ether

Capturing Ether

We don’t know when or how the pyramids were built and we don’t know what they were built for.

So lets speculate at the strange images that have been left for us.
This is an image that links many of the ancient cultures.

The connection between the HEXAGON and CIRCLE


This image has been set in stone (literally) and appears in ancient cultures all over the world.

The connection could be WATER – like a snow flake – the atomic structure is revealed

And its HEXAGONAL. We now know that water becomes structured into a hexagonal matrix when it is frozen or when it comes into contact with a hydrophilic surface OR when Ether Energy is passed through it.





Could it be they were masters of their environment?






Did the Native American Indians know about geoengineering?

Feathers, furs, quills, beads of wampum, beaks and leather thong would all be very good Ether accumulators. So dancing in a circle with their finest feathers all with the powerful intent of making it rain would have brought success.

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