Shungite Stones

Shungite - The Fullerene

Shungite is a unique ancient mineral

Which is extracted in the world’s only shungite deposit

Located in the Russian Karelia.

It has no equivalents in effect on the human organism.

The key element of Shungite is a very rare carbon molecule known as fullerene.

From the box:

“The interaction of water with Shungite’s carbon globules gives it truly unique properties. Shungite possesses bipolar qualities which allow it to blend with both organic and inorganic components. Thus, Shungite provides exceptional quality of water purification” :

We have plates that we put our water on. A large glass container with Shungite stones and water. Sat out in sunlight and moonlight. Poured into a glass jar on another plate.










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I went to visit a customer at her work and behind her stall she was using her cone like this.