Structured Water

Amazing Crystalline Water

The Earth is 75%(surface area) water and Humans are 75%(by mass) water also. But if you count the molecules that make up a human being then we are about 99% water. But it turns out this is not just normal H2O water, but the water molecules have arranged themselves into structures. These structures start from the wall of the cell and the molecules have linked up to form H3O2 chains and sheets that build up from the surface.
A surface can be hydrophilic or hydrophobic. That means a surface will like or not like water. With a hydrophobic surface like wax the water will ball up and roll off, the surface will not get wet. The hydrophillic on the other hand will get wet. This is because the surface and the water will magnetically link, and because the water has linked to the surface, that leaves it ready to attract another H2O molecule to join the chain and that involves the H2O molecule magnetically linking to the surface. This happens over the entire surface where water touches the vessel and where water meets air in a bubble or at the surface.

Crystal Water
We know about the vapor, liquid and ice, but this is another state of water, it is water in its crystalline form. This was discovered in the last century but we are only just realising how important it is.

Water Clusters
The Structured water can then form into clusters, it is thought that these clusters have a memory, when they come into contact with other structures, they are able to take on the magnetic shape of a substance, and thus have memory. There are many people who have repeated the Dr Masaru Emoto Experiment proving that water can even remember thoughts.

Structured water also has a negative charge, so when we drink structured water, it will try to pull heavy metals out of our system so at first you may feel sick from detoxing at first but the long term health benefits will be worth it,

How to Structure water

Egg Timer Vortex
There are many ways to structure water, it can be made to vortex clockwise.
If you take two demijohn bottles. Get 2 rubber bungs that have a hole through them and tape them together.
Fill one Demijohn with water and put one end of the double bung in the neck, turn the other bottle upside down and place it on top.
Now comes the tricky bit because you need to get the full bottle on top. Hold both bottles by the necks with one hand and use the other to flip the bottles over. Now gently rock the top bottle clockwise to start the vortex and it will continue  to vortex until the top chamber empties just like an egg timer.

You can buy magnets that clamp around your incoming water pipe but this technique will be subject to speed of water flow

Shungite and Light
This is a stone from an area in Russia, the stone has has a rare carbon fluorine molecule and will structure water if you leave some rocks in your drinking water jug for a day or two, sunlight and moonlight will also structure water.

Using Ether

You can make or buy an orgonite water plate to stand a glass jug of water on. This will structure the water over time.

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