About Our Cones

How our cones work developed

Diagram of Ether Energy cone
The basic Idea of our Ether Energy Cones

Orgonite Attracts Ether

Accumulates Ether

and Moves Ether

Our cones are attractive and people feedback is that they feel good to hold.

We have tested our cones in a freezer with a dish of water and have amazing results of water structuring.

We have refined the method and components that go into each of our cones to promote these energies.

How Our Cones Put Natural Energies Together

The terminated quartz crystal at the tip is connected to a shungite stone at the base with a copper wire coil.

The shungite has a property that absorbs electromagnetic fields.

The coil is wound clockwise going up and wraps round the crystal.

The coil acts as an aerial  and passes the signals to the crystal.

The quartz crystal is already being compressed by the resin which makes it reactive.

This is called the Piezo Electric state where electricity is produced when a quartz crystal is squeezed.

The crystal becomes a transducer converting energy and transducers work two ways.

Physical pressure translates to an electrical charge and visa versa.

When the coil passes the BAD EMF signals to the crystal it tries to translate them into physical expansion

As physical expansion is contained, this has the same effect as squeezing the crystal.

A result that has been reported is a calming of the area around the cone.

The cone also has layers of orgonite, a substance designed to accumulate Ether.

This is based on Willhelm Reichs work where he discovered by sandwiching organic, crystalline, organic, crystalline materials.

The Ether would be attracted to the organic and reflected by the crystalline thus accumulating.

All metals are crystalline and the finer the particles it seems the better.

Brass Shavings from a key cutting machine work very well.

We use the finest grade steel wool and put it in a blender to chop it into fine dust.

At the base of the cone is a thick layer mix of Atomised Copper, Iron and Black Iron Oxide.

Essential oils and very fine local Whitstable sand can also be present.

This is also where the shungite stone is.

We have found the cone to be the best shape for the job because it has a large surface area with which to collect the Ether.

The Ether Leaves the device from the sharpest edges so the base edge has been smoothed so most energy is emitted from the tip.