Shungite Stones

Shungite is a unique ancient mineral Which is extracted in the world’s only shungite deposit Located in the Russian Karelia. It has no equivalents in effect on the human organism. The key element of Shungite READ MORE


Quartz and Pink Salt Crystals

Quartz crystals are amazing   They are usually 3-5 times longer than their hexagonal cross-section.   They are usually single terminated which means they have one pointy end. The other end is broken where the READ MORE


Metal Shavings and Powders

All metals are crystalline Ether researchers have used metals mixed with resin to see which works the best. We have found a compound of: Black Iron Oxide (used in pottery) Fine Grade Steel Wool (Teased READ MORE


The Resin

The Resin This is similar to the common resin used for boats and on roofs but it is a higher grade because it is water clear. It has the same refractive index as glass. For the first pour READ MORE